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Princes Trust Volunteers give us a hand


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Princes Trust Volunteers give us a hand

Rainbow Pre school 2, were lucky enough to receive some much appreciated practical help from The Prices Trust, who helped to revamp the garden area and make it a more welcoming play environment. The volunteers along with the project leaders from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Services, painted the inside hall, sanded and painted the fence, built a shelter for children to play under, levelled out the emergency evacuation point, constructed a compost area and put up a wall mounted chalk board and white board. As a thank you we held a presentation session, where Mrs Bhakar, Manager at Rainbow 2, made some authentic Indian cuisine, the children made a card and presented it along with some chocolates to the team. The volunteers also presented the children with some play equipment. Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service deliver the Princes Trust Team Programme to 16-25 year olds who are unemployed or not in education. The programme is 12 weeks long and allows the young people to develop their communication, teamwork and employability skills. If you know any young people who want to change their lives call 07918887844.
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