Rainbow Pre-schools - 'Every child a happy child'

Term Dates September 2016 - July 2017

Spring Term 2017

Half term:         20th - 24th February 2017
Close:              Friday 7th April 2017 (Last day)

Summer Term 2017

Open:              Monday 24th April 2017
Half term:       29th May - 2nd June 2017
Close:            Friday 21st July 2017   (Last day)

Bank Holidays and Public Holidays 2016 – 2017

Good Friday                    Friday 14th April 2017
Easter Monday               Monday 17th April 2017
May Day Holiday             Monday 1st May 2017

Autumn Term 2017

Open:               Monday 4h September 2017
Half term:          23rd - 27th October 2017
Close:               Friday 15th December 2017 (Last day)

Spring Term 2018

Open:               Monday 8th January 2018  
Half term:         12th - 16th February 2018
Close:              Thursday 29th March 2018 (Last day)

Summer Term 2018

Open:              Monday 16th April 2018
Half term:       28th May - 1st June 2018
Close:            Friday 20th July 2018  (Last day) 

Bank Holidays and Public Holidays 2017 – 2018

Good Friday                    Friday 30th April 2018
Easter Monday               Monday 2nd April 2018
May Day Holiday             Monday 7th May 2018 

'What more could you want, spending your day, singing, dancing, creating, laughing, exploring & investigating. All in a days work with all your friends at Rainbow Pre-school'

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